Elly Jackson (La Roux), Andrew Scott, Gemma Cairney, Kadiff Kirwan and Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) share the love for Here Lies Love!

Here Lies Love, David Byrne and Fatboy Slim’s revolutionary musical experience, is now playing until 8 January. 

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pacificrimmovie makes a single tweet to a Facebook photo and I nearly throw my laptop.

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The Ties of Special Agent Fox Mulder: Season One

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You don’t tell her what she can’t do

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There is a tremendous delicacy in preserving Holmes in other people’s imaginations because there are a million different ways of seeing him. You try not to interfere with anybody’s image.
—  Jeremy Brett (via ladyhysteric)

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AU: Kristen Stewart as Jamie Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes/The Winter Soldier (follow-up to this: x)

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it’s been a full ten years since anne rice’s infamous post on amazon about the blood canticle reviews

ten years

she posted it in september 2004

it seems like yesterday

i just realised some infants around here might not know why i say someone is interrogating the text from the wrong perspective and then hare off and cackle

the original review has either been deleted or i just can’t find it but anyway here is the text

we live in a beautiful world

"And you have strained my Dickensean principles to the max."

"And no, I have no intention of allowing any editor ever to distort, cut, or otherwise mutilate sentences that I have edited and re-edited, and organized and polished myself. I fought a great battle to achieve a status where I did not have to put up with editors making demands on me, and I will never relinquish that status. For me, novel writing is a virtuoso performance. It is not a collaborative art."

"And you have used this site as if it were a public urinal to publish falsehood and lies."


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moon model, 1908


moon model, 1908

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