Atari Teenage Riot - entrevista @ Alive (by GeracaoCCascais)


  1. subjective reality/personal reality - this is something that I studied a bit at university, doing computer science, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. SO fascinating to think about
  2. personal responsibility - I am all for MANNING UP AND DOING IT YOURSELF. If something needs doing, then I will do it. I will not be waiting for some authority figure to deal with it or give me permission to sort it out.
  3. Hidden codes/language
  4. lack of timeline/context in access to music/simultaneous access to  all of music old and new - I remember 10/15 years ago being the only person into Ben Folds Five or AFI or whoever and NO ONE around me being into any of the same bands. Partly because I could hear one random song on the radio or on tv and be able to remember that enough to try and search out the rest of the band’s music and being very much into music press when no one else I knew was. Now? I hear a song, I figure out who it is, search it down on hypemachine or youtube or soundcloud or whatever, I tweet it to EVERYONE and then I’ll get at least one person who likes it
  5. PORTUGAL - I <3 Portugal. My auntie lives there and she cooks the only omelette I will eat. She’s 80 and can’t drive but she goes grocery shopping for “old” people and carries the bags on the bus and walks up hilly roads to deliver it. She is ACES

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