FAIR WARRING: You are about to be gutted.

This is why i love Revival Tour, you get the most perfect kinds of collaborations.

I have no idea what was going on with Brian that day, but he clearly left it all on the stage. Just his expressions through the whole thing, and when he shoots himself with the finger gun and hits his microphone, heart-wrenching.

when he sings Dan’s song, and Dan sings his, truly a glorious golden moment.

I suppose I would be gutted, but I did see Dan and Brian sing this together on The Revival Tour when they played the Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

I love love love how Brian sings the Alkaline Trio song and how Dan sings the Gaslight Anthem song. Alkaline Trio were on seriously heavy rotation on my CD player when I was about 15/16 (…round about 12/13 years ago. Jesus Christ.) until… actually pretty much till the year before my last year at university (though I still do listen to them a lot).

I started listening to Gaslight Anthem when The 59 Sound came out which was…. 2008? and I’ve listened to them pretty solidly since then. I’ve always thought that it would have been great to have gotten into them earlier, so that I could have gone to see them with my Dad or listened to them with him because I think they’re one of the bands that I like that he would have really enjoyed - rather than just gone to the gigs with me to keep me company (although he quite liked AFI, he probably wouldn’t have listened to them on his own).

What I love most about this is how it pretty much overlaps the two periods of my life - when my Dad was alive, and then when he wasn’t - within one (and a half (kinda)) of my favourite songs ever. I think I’ve seen Alkaline Trio about 6 times now and they’ve played Crawl probably at 4 of those gigs. It’s a song I could listen to for hours on repeat and not get tired of.

I dunno. I guess I have a lot of “feels” about this song.

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