"I started out as an AFI fan, and I still have that. I’ve never lost that. I listened to their records and I was in the crowd at the shows, so I still have that mentality and the mentality of being in the band. That makes it easy to empathize with the fans. Because I still am one.” - Jade Puget

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Davey front flipping into the crowd during TLSP2

Witnessed this last night.  Yes, it was epic.


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AFI - 17 Crimes (by AFIVEVO)

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AFI - I Hope You Suffer (by AFIVEVO)

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I really feel [the title] speaks of the overall sentiment of the record," he continues. "The album really speaks of a burial of a silence and the burials that result from those silences of panic and anxiety and betrayal and cruelty – and a loss of self, a loss of stability.

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Looking in the source code on AFI&#8217;s site for hidden clues about their album and&#8230;.

Looking in the source code on AFI’s site for hidden clues about their album and….

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AFI - I Hope You Suffer


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Convergence (by afireinside)

OH GOD. I am RUBBISH at all the mystery stuff AFI put out.

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Well, time to go find that DF card before they tour.

….I still keep mine in my purse. Y’know. Just in case.

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AFI | September 2013 [x]


AFI | September 2013 [x]

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