“i am sick to death of watching everything that i love, everything that i am, be destroyed and mutilated time after time. asgardia should be so strong that no one dare attack. it should not even be a thought and yet our enemies behave as though it is a delightful passing fancy!”

“that is not true.”

“it is true. and we tell our young ones that the stories of asgardia as though they are stories and not lessons. we are so busy looking forward that i fear we forget what brought us here.”
- journey into mystery #647

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Jane: Well, technically, Gaea is one of ours. But I confess I really don’t get all this earth mother mumbo jumbo. No offense.
Sif: We have that in common. How could I be offended? I have never talked to a vegetable in my life.
Jane & Sif: Except for Thor.
Sif: He can be a little starchy.
Jane: Surprisingly green sometimes.
Sif: He is bold, but you and I in the same room would scare him half to death. And rightly so.

— From Journey Into Mystery #652 by Kathryn Immonen, art by Valerio Schiti, color by Jordie Bellaire

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Journey Into Mystery #653Written by Kathryn ImmonenArt by Valerio Schiti


Journey Into Mystery #653
Written by Kathryn Immonen
Art by Valerio Schiti

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Ok, listen up u little shits


It’s the last issue of Journey Into Mystery next month. I’m distressed, like, #645 levels of distressed and I’m guessing a lot of other people are too. So if you’re feeling the bad sort of feels why not join me in asking everyone to do two things:

1) Buy it, damn all your eyes (and buy the Stronger Than Monsters TPB that’s out, too, so we can at least get the last collected volume out *rage tears*)

2) How about we all write about Journey Into Mystery that week. Doesn’t have to be the current run- JiM is old as balls and has had many permutations over its incredibly long lifespan. In fact, it would be really great to get a good coverage across the ages; I’ve got Marvel Unlimited so will try and do some early funny stuff as well as the more recent gross sobbing and mighty punching. If you want to write about it, drop me an ask or something so I can remember to keep you in touch about any ~developments~ and/or plans.

Ok I lied, there’s a third thing: 3) Tag your wailing, denial, rage and trying-to-remember-the-good-times-not-focus-on-the-fact-they’re-drawing-to-a-close so I can find it. 

I’ll make a unifying blog for it, reblog ‘em all there and we can have a lovely scrapbook of how much we have sobbed snottily and disgustingly about this series. And maybe we can like, print stuff off and send them to the relevant writers if we’re feeling super soppy and like we can stop crying long enough to get to the post office.

I have never organised a thing like this before, heLP.

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In terms of overall tone, “Manchester Gods” will be an intense and emotional roller coaster ride that can be enjoyed on a number of different levels. “This is probably the closest thing I’ve ever written to ‘Phonogram’ for Marvel. I mean in terms of the amount of theory that’s beneath the fun and games. It’s pretty dense,” Gillen explained. “It’s only a three-issue arc so it’s doubly intense. And, visually speaking, I guarantee that there will be pages that are stuck on the internet and used forever. Plus this arc will have some of the saddest moments in ‘JIM’ so far. So get your tissues ready.”

Gillen Journeys Into the Mystery of the “Manchester Gods” - Comic Book Resources


Oh God.

I already had an overabundance of feels about JIM and Loki. 

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Downloading Journey Into Mystery


The entire run to date is available to purchase on Comixology.

Just FYI, in case if you were somehow thinking Piracy was the only option.

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“I would rather die than not change. I would rather be nothing.

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