Oh hell yeah. It’s actually a key part of my second theme. I’m going to explore Tony and his relationship with women. I’m interested in Tony’s selection of women in everything, from his mom, to Pepper, to the random people he’s sleeping with and everything that relates to them. He’s a complicated guy and he does bad things occasionally without thinking. Well, not [without] thinking exactly but he’s not always thinking about the right thing. He’s not the distracted genius but he always has something else going on.

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Basically, my reaction is mostly “asdashdkasjhkashfkjaseeezomg”

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In terms of overall tone, “Manchester Gods” will be an intense and emotional roller coaster ride that can be enjoyed on a number of different levels. “This is probably the closest thing I’ve ever written to ‘Phonogram’ for Marvel. I mean in terms of the amount of theory that’s beneath the fun and games. It’s pretty dense,” Gillen explained. “It’s only a three-issue arc so it’s doubly intense. And, visually speaking, I guarantee that there will be pages that are stuck on the internet and used forever. Plus this arc will have some of the saddest moments in ‘JIM’ so far. So get your tissues ready.”

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Oh God.

I already had an overabundance of feels about JIM and Loki. 

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