I’m off to take a three hour class on Tea


No joke. When I get out I’ll be an expert on everything from Xiao’s Blend to English Breakfast to Earl Grey to Lungching Dragonwell to Jasmine Downey Pearls to Assam Golden Tip. 

I would love to do this. My favourite tea at the moment is Russian Caravan tea and in general, I like my tea to be strong enough to stand a teaspoon in. None of that weak southern so-called tea for me.

Sometimes I wish I liked coffee because then I wouldn’t be stuck with always ordering hot chocolate at cafés because the tea will inevitably disappoint. And I’d also have something other than hot water to drink at work, where the tea is sub-par only because the teabags are always stale.

Yeah, I’m picky - but I got hit with tea-elitism genes from both sides.

And I maintain, that you MUST have tea with breakfast - whether it’s dim sum, nasi lemak or a full english. It’s the only way to survive the grease.

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Bread & butter pudding + tea = teatime of the gods

Bread & butter pudding + tea = teatime of the gods

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