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Among all the action and grit on display above it a beloved character actor who gets a lot of screentime but who died in January of 2011, English actor Pete Postlethwaite. That’s the first hint that Solomon Kane was due to hit theaters long ago. And in fact it did, opening all over the world in 2009 and 2010, but never securing a U.S. distributor. It has however hit a couple of American film festivals, and even did the Comic Con circuit in 2009. But now at long last—and for no apparent reason—writer/director Michael J. Bassett’s redemption epic has scored American distribution.

Typically, a release delay like this signals a film is pretty terrible, but Solomon Kane scored an impressively positive rating of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes upon its UK release, thanks in no small part to James Purefoy, whose glaring intensity in the title role wowed critics. So, let’s give this pulp adaptation the benefit of the doubt, and just be glad we’ll finally have a chance to see it.

I have Solomon Kane on DVD. It is one of those rare films that once I’ve finished watching it, I’ll just go on ahead and watch it again straight away. It is that good.

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